You are designed to be extraordinary. We help you be your best by restoring the communication pathways between your brain and your body. 

Strive to Thrive and not just Survive!


Welcome to a new way of looking at health, wellness and empowered living.

Imagine a world of limitless possibilities. What about the limitless possibilities that exist within you?!  How do you gain access to this personal potential?

Advancing New Strategies for Living & Healing in our Rapidly Changing World

Network Spinal Analysis, through specific low force touches to the spine, assists the brain in developing new strategies to:

      • Experience the world
      • Adapt to stress
      • Dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
      • Connect with your body’s natural rhythms
      • Experience greater well being
      • Make healthier choices
      • Create a more self – correcting self reliant “magical spine”
      • Develop the Somatopsychic and Respiratory “healing waves”

NSA care combines the patient’s self-reported improvements in health and wellness with the practitioners plan for development of new strategies in their spine and in their life.


Drs. Robin and Jay Rothstein, and our daughter, would like to welcome you to our office.   

Blake Lily Rothstein.  ♥    

Born 11/9/2013 6 pounds 14 ounces 19 inches long

Watch the montage of our birth experience.

We are happy to share this amazing home water birth with you.

 Please feel free to

ask us how  using Network Spinal Analysis strategies ensured us a

home water 

birth and not a hospital C-Section.



 Blake getting checked at  a              Transformational Gate



Dr. Robin Sherman                                                                    Dr. Jay Rothstein       

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