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Vaccine Safety

Whether to vaccinate or not should be a personal choice and we feel it is important to make it an informed choice.  The following links are to vaccine safety websites.

National Vaccine Information Center
CBS News: Vaccines and Autism
Coalition For Informed Choice
Vaxxed The Movie


Maintaining good health it is also important to ensure the body receives the proper nutrients. Through normal metabolism and stress of life, the body will create free radicals. These free radicals will cause more damage to the cells they come in contact with. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. They also include vitamins and minerals, both known and unknown, that the body constantly needs for energy and rebuilding strong tissue.

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) recommends 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. In our fast pace society it is difficult to get the needed nutrients especially since you need more with increased life stresses. Dr Jay has been taking a product called Juice PLUS for 24 years and it has also helped him to maintain good health especially with his history of lymes disease. Juice PLUS is 30 fruits and vegetables packed into a capsule. Each capsule contains approximately 1 pound of fruit or vegetable.  Rutgers Study 

Do you want to get fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs all year round at a fraction of the cost.  Grow your own indoors with the new Tower Garden by Juice PLUS.  It was designed and developed by Tim Blank a horticulturist and former Greenhouse Manager at Epcot Center.


The importance of physical fitness can not ever be overstated. Our office supports staying active for as long as you live. Jack Medina, former women's Olympic gymnast coach, once said, "The best work out program in the world is the one that you will do." Basically he is saying do something/anything to increase your heart rate.   Determine what your health and fitness goals are and work your goal.