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“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein's revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.

I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”Anthony Robbins Video

- Anthony Robbins 

Peak Performance Coach and Best-selling Author,
Unlimited Power

R & R Family Chiropractic has been serving people across Long Island for years, providing results that simply speak fro themselves. Through our promotion of a healthy living lifestyle combined with the great chiropractic work we do, we have helped many different people. Please read below for some personal testimonials of clients. For more information about all we offer, please contact us today

                I started chiropractic work with Dr. Jay several years ago.  I initially started this particular chiropractic practice for my daughter who was angry and oppositional all of the time. I would get adjusted with her in the same room at the same time.   It was immediate that I saw positive results with her attitude and behavior. She was calmer and kinder. She was able to focus more on her school work. She would stay on task for longer periods of time.   And best of all she looked forward to going!!  I went for her, and   I continue for me   because  overall  I am feeling emotionally as well as physically  better.  A very nice  “surprise”   effect  to treatment has been, that my eating is in check.  I have been  an emotional over eater my whole life.  I notice that when my schedule doesn’t allow an adjustment,  I immediately see upset in my diet.   My weekly treatment has been reduced to one time a week and it is enough to keep me and my diet  in check.  I see both Dr. Jay and his wife Dr. Robin at their Bellmore office.

Doreen B 

               Dr. Robin, you're amazing and wonderful and a miracle worker!  I don't seem to have any more sciatica and I walk better than I have in the past couple of years, thanks to you.  I am not walking perfectly yet but I expect it to continually get better.  And if I ever worry in the future about paying co-payments, I think I would sooner stand on the corner and sell pencils just so I can come back to you.  You're truly amazing and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Barbara S 

               It is invaluable and immeasurable balancing, connecting and relaxation that enables the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to align themselves for a good feeling.

Arnold M 

              I was referred to their office from a friend because my previous experience with Chiropractic was too much neck cracking.  I find this type of Chiropractic to be very relaxing.  I come into the office very tense from daily life and I leave feeling very relaxed and at ease.

Angela D 

 After many years of Chiropractic care I was happy when a friend told me about R&R Family Chiropractic. I was always very aware of my body on a physical and mental level and knew that I would like to make some personal changes in my life. To begin with I thought it would be many on a physical level but after a very short time of being entrained I was surprised to find that the shift within myself was not only happening on a physical level but emotional and spiritual level as well. I have been with R&R Family Chiropractic now for over 5 years and can honestly say that over those years I have seen some amazing changes within myself.   One of the most profound ones for me was how I was able to have positive experiences with other people in my life.  I have always been a giver and would get mad at myself when I would get taken advantage of by others. To date I can honestly say that my chiropractic care has helped me naturally move forward with this issue and that most of the time now relationships in my life are flowing in a more positive manor. What I like the best about this is that I don’t over think any issues that arise I just know how to deal with them in a loving manor. Thank you R&R Family Chiropractic for supporting me on my life’s journey.

Christine G 

I find it difficult to put into words how severe my head pain was without getting emotional. I had a condition called Occipital Neuralgia. The main nerve running into my head was either impinged or damaged. I never knew such non-stop pain was possible even when I wasn't doing anything. I tried heavy pain medication, physical therapy, a TENS unit, traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and yoga. I even had a neurostimulator implanted in my chest with a wire running into the back of my head because the pain was so severe. Nothing really worked. When I first heard about NSA, I was very skeptical. How could something so gentle and non-invasive fix a condition so severe that all those other techniques and devices could barely put a dent in? I figured I had nothing to lose, so I started to see Dr. Jay. After a few treatments, my pain was reduced enough for me to be optimistic about the future for the first time in years. After about three months of regular treatment, I was able to turn off the neurostimulator and all other treatments. That was 5 years ago and I haven't had a recurrence even though I only see Dr. Jay about twice a month. The neurostimulator has been removed and I only rarely get hints of occipital head pain nowadays that goes away with one treatment with Dr. Jay. My family and friends are truly amazed when they see that my head pain is gone. I'm a normal person again. They remember me when I was essentially immobile and crying in constant pain with no end in sight. They say that if they didn't see if for themselves, it's hard to imagine such a transformation. I find it hard to believe myself sometimes when I think back to how bad things used to be and how bleak my life looked. But Dr. Jay and NSA gave me my life back and I'll never take anything for granted ever again.

Liz N 

Before I started going to R&R Family Chiropractic three years ago, I was suffering from chronic sinus infections. I would typically get half a dozen sinus infections every year and require 6 to 8 courses of antibiotics each year. I tried other doctors and other types of treatments, but nothing worked. Since going to Dr. Robin and Dr. Jay Rothstein, the sinus infections have completely disappeared. After six months of Chiropractic treatment from R&R Family Chiropractic, I have free of sinus infections for over two years straight. This is the longest period I have gone since I had sinus surgery 19 years ago. Dr. Robin and Dr. Jay Rothstein are both caring doctors and people. I recommend that everyone see them for improving their total health and well-being.

 Alan D 

"Attending my first Gate was a transformative journey that led me to profound self-discovery and authenticity. It wasn't just an event; it was a deep dive into my energetic essence, allowing me to tune into my unique signature imprint. This experience dissolved my mental constructs, ushering me into a state of absolute presence. For the first time, I achieved a harmonious coherence within myself, fully attuned to my breath and the space around me, engaging in conscious co-creation with my bio-energetic nature. It transcended theoretical personal development and spiritual concepts into a tangible, lived experience. This newfound clarity and understanding isn't just a momentary experience; it's a shift that enriches my life force and the impact I am here to make on humanity. I am deeply grateful for this life-changing experience." - Nina B