What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a safe, gentle and results-oriented approach towards health and wellness for anyone regardless of age, or condition of health.  NSA teaches the brain and body how to connect and release stored tension, which may appear as illness or dis-ease.  The intent is to enable the body's own self-generated mechanisms of movement and respiration to assist in the transformation of stress, tension and interference to the nervous system.

NSA uses very gentle contacts at certain points on the spine called Spinal Gateways.  These gentle contacts help the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body.  This increased connection allows for a greater awareness between the brain, the spine and body.  The light touch stimulates areas of ease within the body, allowing that ease to spread.  The more that peace and ease moves throughout the body, the more your brain and body can work together.  This will help unlock the source of problems or concerns and allow transformation to occur.

NSA was first developed in the early 1980's by Dr. Donald Epstein.  Network is utilized by thousands of practitioners around the world and has been studied in several major universities, both in the United States and internationally for its dramatic and impressive health and wellness contributions.

Care is advanced through a series of levels, each producing specific new abilities to adapt to the environment, make healthier life choices, enjoy life and develop a healthier spine.

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What is Somato Respiratory Integration?

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a means of gaining the innate wisdom currently withheld from your body/mind due to stored stress and tension.  Through the use of your hands, focused breath and directed movement you will learn an unparalleled tool for personal healing and empowerment.

The purpose of SRI is to help you to heal more effectively through connection with yourself and allow the natural healing ability of your body to move toward wisdom and balance.

The exercises may be performed during a network adjustment/entrainment session in the office, or they may be given to you to do on your own at home.  They will assist individuals in progression through the NSA Levels of Care.  The exercises are easy for anyone of any age and may be comfortably performed just about anywhere.  It is a dynamic system to truly allow for a more effective integration of your body/mind connection.

SRI was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein and is based on the 12 Stages of Healing described in "The Twelves Stage of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness".  The book is available at your local bookstore or online at amazon.com

For more information on SRI and The Twelve Stages of Healing, see www.donaldepstein.com/sri/12stages.shtml

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